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Special Cargo Handling

PCDC is highly specialized in handling special cargoes. Special cargoes are cargoes whose dimensions exceed the normal dimensions of containers (out of gauge), cargoes which require special lashing/unlashing on board vessels (Break Bulk) or cargoes of heavy weight and value that require special study for the handling and selection of equipment.

PCDC has extensive experience in this field and performs projects such as:

– Lifting of yachts from sea/barge and their lashing-securing on special cradles until customs clearance and their receipt or for their loading Break Bulk (BBK) and vice versa unlashing from vessel, storage and lashing-securing on special cradles and launching to sea

– Lashing-securing of special cargoes such as transformers, anchors, weapon systems, trucks of various types and business needs on OT or FR containers or BBK

PCDC, with the utmost care for human safety and cargo security, each cargo is handled separately. Before each project, meetings are held to evaluate the project’s data and requirements and to draw up a specific and detailed work plan. PCDC uses its specialized personnel and the means of certified collaborators such as lifting cranes, trucks for the loading of cargoes, etc. The work is supervised by specialized associates / surveyors and is accompanied by the corresponding certificates of Safe and Satisfactory Works Performance and Lashing – Securing