Our Company complies with the requirements of K.Y.A. 1368/22 (Government Gazette 1549 B / 2022), which specifies the types, the obligors, the competent authorities, the sanctions and the procedure for declaring stocks in a) raw materials for the production of fertilizers, b) fertilizers, c) animal feed, d (raw) cereals of all kinds, in particular wheat or rye, rye, barley, oats, maize, edible buckwheat, (e) flour and in particular wheat or rye flour and cereal flour, and in particular sunflower oil (sunflower oil), palm oil and corn oil.

In this context, for the entire period of validity of the stock declaration obligation, which is valid for a period of three (3) months from 28.03.2022, as long as this validity is extended, you are obliged to tell us in a timely and accurate manner the quantity of the aforementioned stocks per item, in kilos for solids, in liters for liquids and in pieces where appropriate, and to provide us with all the necessary information for our compliance with the obligation to declare, according to the K.Y.A.

In case our company is fined or sanctioned in general, due to non-compliance with the obligation to declare, which non-compliance is due to your fault, according to the above, our company reserves the right to claim from you the compensation of any damage suffered .