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Company Profile

Piraeus Consolidation and Distribution Center – PCDC is a modern, state of the art warehouse located in the Free Zone of Piraeus Container Terminal. The ideal geostrategic positioning of Piraeus Port, as the first European Port after Suez Canal that bridges all available transport modes (sea, rail, road, air) provides the optimum solution for handling cargoes efficiently with the shortest transit time to/from Central Europe. PCDC’s location is ideal for companies willing to create a hub for supplying the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region, reinforcing trans-trade commerce through Greece.

PCDC is fully harmonized to Piraeus port’s schedule, operating in extended opening hours (24 hours & 7 days per week). Segregated compartments inside the warehouse allow handling of both dry and refrigerated/chilled cargo as well as flammables and chemicals. All services are provided within Piraeus port that is certified according to the “International Ship and Port Facility Security Code” (ISPS Code), securing a comprehensive and appropriate set of measures that enhance the security of port facilities and cargoes handled.

PCDC is member of the COSCO Shipping Group, with presence in more than 160 countries, placing Greece and in particular Piraeus as the strategic center of development. The consistent focus of COSCO Shipping Group on innovative infrastructure investments, providing world-class services, is to facilitate transit trade and groundbreaking solutions through Piraeus Port to the wider area of EMEA.

  • The promotion of Greece into an international transit hub by enhancing trade flows from / to Piraeus port
  • Utilization and optimization of existing logistics flows in the wider region in order to create synergies and competitive advantages
  • High quality level services through innovative solutions, exploiting and highlighting the strategic position of Piraeus port and the advantages of the Free Zone

  • Competitive cost services using both conventional and innovative means of handling cargoes
  • Continuous investment in human resources targeting optimum customer services
  • Compliance with strict safety rules that guarantee the safety of cargo and of the port facilities

  • At PCDC, we recognize that our People are the primary factor in achieving our strategic goals in providing supply chain services
  • At PCDC we take care of our People by ensuring effective training and education
  • At PCDC, we rely on our people, in their enthusiasm, their dedication and provide them with equal opportunities for growth and development, in an environment that promotes meritocracy, dignity, safe work and supports creativity

  • Teamwork: PCDC operates based on constructive cooperation, mutual respect and team spirit among employees
  • Integrity: PCDC operates under transparent and reliable processes, respecting ethical business practices
  • Customer Focus: our primary concern is to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs through the provision of high-quality services and the development of innovative tailored –made solutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Our key priority is to guarantee security at work, support for local communities, social solidarity, respect for our employees and their families