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New web-site for PCDC 24/1/2019

Guided by the moto “less is more”, we adopted a simple but comprehensive typographic grid, a clear and straightforward hierarchical layout to reflect PCDC’s philosophy.

Our new website uses distinctive animations that make the navigation easy.

The structure of the site menu, the architecture and the content of the pages give users the opportunity to find the information they want about the services required and the strategic advantages of cooperating with the only logistics company located in the Free Zone of Piraeus Port


E – BTX 08/1/2019

As from 8 January 2019, BTX will not be printed-out but will be sent in electronic form from the PCDC Free Zone Department directly to the Customs Office.

Instead of the BTX form received today, as from January 8th, you will only get a unique BTX reference number with which you will trace the BTX at the Customs Office to complete the clearance process.

For Community goods, the acceptance of BTX by the customs will be sent electronically to PCDC and will be sufficient for the release of your goods – there will be no printed BTX document with signatures.

For non-Community goods at this stage, the procedure for delivering a customs license to the Free Zone Department will remain unchanged.

We will inform you in advance about any new changes.


ISO 9001: 2015 Certification – 05/11/2008

As of 05/11/2018 we have been officially certified for supply chain services


Regulation for declaration and disposal of unclaimed cargo 24/10/2018

Article 1
Goods declared unclaimed – deadlines
Goods unloaded and received by PCDC S.A. and placed in the storage areas it manages within the
Piraeus Free Zone, where (a) the owner of these goods has not appeared to take delivery of them from
the storage area of PCDC S.A. and no documentation has been lodged giving the goods a new customs
destination within two months of the date of receipt by PCDC S.A., or (b) the owner of these goods has
not paid invoices for storage fees issued by PCDC S.A. for an uninterrupted period of two (2) months or
(c) the owner of the goods states in writing that he abandons them, are declared unclaimed by the
Managing Director of PCDC S.A., after the lapse of a month from the date of written notification of
PCDC S.A. addressed to the owner of the goods, or from the date of submission of the statement of the
abandonment thereof, and on the recommendation of the Competent Director of PCDC S.A.
In all cases of abandonment, the owner of the goods in question must pay to PCDC S.A. all storage fees
as well as any other costs incurred to PCDC S.A. due to the abandonment of the goods or due to the
fulfillment of certain requirements for the abandonment of the goods, as set forth hereinabove.


Circular (Π.Ο.Λ.) 1184 – 18/10/2018

As from 18/10/2018, Greece acquired one more Regime in favor of transit trade, ranking it among the best, if not ranked as the best, destination of the goods from third countries supplied to EU.

Under the said Regime (07), importing companies, registered in Greece or any other EU country or companies registered in non EU countries but having a general fiscal representation in EU may pay Import Duties and defer the VAT payment of goods set in free circulation in EU.


E-Services 01/6/2018

You will soon be able to use PCDC e-services for:

  • Container unstuffing assignments,
  • Container stuffing assignments
  • Issuance of entry codes for vehicles entering PCDC for receipt / delivery of goods
  • Execution of order for dispatch following customs clearance

Authorized Consignee / Sender Authorization 25/05/2018

In the years of our collaboration, you have identified our ongoing efforts to develop our services and regimes / licensing, in order to make it easier for our customers and us, to simplify your service processes.

Therefore, we have to inform you that we are now licensed as an Authorized Consignee and we are proceeding with simplification of T1 receipts for consignments arriving by road to PCDC for unloading or transit pass through.

This relieves us from the obligation to await the inspector to be present during the control check, until the T1 process is concluded, but only wait 1 hour after the arrival of the truck to update Icisnet, so that if the Customs seeks control to do so within this time limit.

We have also been licensed as an Authorized Consignor and we are proceeding with the simplification of the T1 issuance (from PCDC) for shipments leaving PCDC via road.