In the years of our collaboration, you have identified our ongoing efforts to develop our services and regimes / licensing, in order to make it easier for our customers and us, to simplify your service processes.

Therefore, we have to inform you that we are now licensed as an Authorized Consignee and we are proceeding with simplification of T1 receipts for consignments arriving by road to PCDC for unloading or transit pass through.

This relieves us from the obligation to await the inspector to be present during the control check, until the T1 process is concluded, but only wait 1 hour after the arrival of the truck to update Icisnet, so that if the Customs seeks control to do so within this time limit.

We have also been licensed as an Authorized Consignor and we are proceeding with the simplification of the T1 issuance (from PCDC) for shipments leaving PCDC via road.