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Cross-docking Center in the Free Zone of Piraeus

Piraeus Consolidation and Distribution Center – PCDC is a modern warehouse facility within the Free Zone of Piraeus that provides high-quality supply chain services.

The ideal geo-strategic location of the port of Piraeus, as the closest port after the Suez Canal, which combines all available modes of transport, provides the optimal solution for freight management in the shortest possible time and with the greatest flexibility from and to Central Europe. PCDC’s position is ideal for companies interested in setting up a hub at this point with the objective to supply the broader geographical area of ​​EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa) and strengthen transit trade through our country taking advantage of the privileged tax and customs regimes of the Free Zone.

Full Scale Logistics Services and Combined Transport Capability

PCDC, in addition to the full range of third party logistics services provided, offers a wide range of possibilities for combined transport, due to the privileged position of PCDC within the Free Zone of Piraeus port, specifically:

  • By road: by transporting cargoes with FTL / LTL trucks to national and international destinations
  • By train: by transporting cargo to Central Europe in a short time and with the least possible energy footprint (80% less than road transport)
  • By sea: through multiple arrivals from third countries and the enlarged interconnection network with the ports in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region
  • By air: through the direct connection of the Free Zone of Piraeus to Athens International Airport

Integrated solutions via Control Tower

For the above services, we offer the ability for integrated solutions and services through PCDC and in particular through the Control Tower scheme, offering:

  • Continuous monitoring throughout the route of the shipment, in order for the shipment to be delivered safely and within the agreed delivery date
  • Management of the necessary documentation and exchange of information on the required cargo operations at the Port of Piraeus (from loading onto vessel until delivery to the final destination)
  • Coordination of the required clearance procedures in Piraeus where required (Placement of goods in free circulation / transit formalities etc.)
  • Coordination of business requirements for storage and supply chain services (receipt, storage, consolidation / segregation of cargo according to customer requirements, delivery, etc.).
  • Carrying out transportation (cooperation with all major carriers)
  • Complete tracking of shipping status through specialized tracking applications (Track & Trace)
  • Accurate determination of time of delivery and of the validity of all required documents
  • Safety measures: Additional safety measures may be adopted, for example, usage of smart tracking devices in the container during road transport. These intelligent devices send signals to the monitoring center indicating any incidents, e.g. opening of the container doors
  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)