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Common Platform for the Handling of Ship Spares/Supplies

National legislation (POL 1026/2016) provides the option of suspending Value Added Tax during the placement of goods in a Free Zone for the purpose of being exported or delivered in another Member State of the EU.

In particular, domestic goods delivered to a Free Zone under the terms and conditions provided for in the relevant provisions of European Union and national law are exempted from Value Added Tax.

The above legislative framework, combined with the modern infrastructure of PCDC, favors, among other things, the ship spares/supplies industry, for which a common platform for handling and servicing these cargoes is offered to anyone interested.

Interconnection of the Free Zone of Piraeus with Athens International Airport

The interconnection of Piraeus Free Zone with Athens International Airport, especially when favored by the simplified customs procedures of the Free Zone of Piraeus and Athens International Airport with the direct interconnection of customs, is able to give unique advantages to those who appeal to the global market.

Combined transport is suited for the handling of high-value cargo and ship supplies / equipment that require rapid transport at a fixed time and at competitive prices.

Special Advantages Due to Collaboration with PCDC

  • Significant Cash Flow Benefits
  • No tax refunds
  • Economies of scale
  • Without time-consuming and bureaucratic procedures
  • Speed ​​and accuracy of deliveries
  • Integration of ship’s stores into a single warehouse position for an unlimited period of tax exemption with reduced transport and delivery costs aligned to vessel’s needs

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