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Cross-docking and Transshipments

PCDC provides services for direct trans-loading of goods from containers to trucks and direct unstuffing and stuffing of containers.

Cross-docking services

Cross-docking services involve the direct trans-loading of cargo from container to truck for the purpose of forwarding it to different destinations

Direct Unstuffing – Stuffing Services

Direct Unstuffing – Stuffing Services involve the trans-loading of cargo from one container to another within the Free Zone, for reasons such as shipping line change, repair damages etc.

Special Advantages Due to Collaboration with PCDC

  • Time of transport of the laden container from the pier to PCDC to be unstuffed is 6.5 minutes
  • Possibility of receiving empty containers from the port and not from an external depot, with the means of the port
  • Possibility of returning empty containers within the port and not to an external depot, with the means of the port
  • Reduced customs clearance time
  • T1 issuance with simplified procedures for shipments leaving via road