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  5. Comparative advantages
  • Stability and full-scale services

    so that customer services is always complete, fast and consistent
  • Secure Storage

    through strict security system requirements
  • Variety of logistics services

    According to customers’ needs, the commodities handled and the nature of works required
  • Reduced transportation costs and fast service

    due to the proximity with Port / Piers and Free Zone of Piraeus
  • Significant Cost and time efficiencies due to customs and tax simplifications

    that lead to quick and effective cargo handling with the least possible cost and time
  • Possibility of partial clearance of cargoes and receipt of the imported cargo

    with corresponding payment of duties and taxes
  • Combined Transports

    by bridging all available transport modes (sea, rail, road, air)
  • Customized E-services

    through a common platform resulting in personalized solutions, speed, accuracy, transparency and full traceability
  • End-to-end solutions and cargo tracking

    via the use of Control Tower
  • Uninterrupted service 24 hours / 7 days

    fully harmonized to Port’s operating hours
  • Services under the guarantee of a large group of Companies

    PCDC is member of COSCO Shipping Group. The target of the Group with presence in more than 160 countries, is to facilitate transit trade and groundbreaking solutions through Piraeus Port